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t-zero communications Ltd provides a wide range of services to meet every video production requirement and budget. The company was created to make professional audiovisual content available to organisations which previously would have found the traditional approach to video too expensive to consider. We can provide production packages at three different levels:

>>The basic option

For extremely low budgets, our cheapest package consists of a one-man crew. However, all the necessary camcorder, lighting, sound equipment and greenscreen kit will be included for a professionally produced project. Simple multi-camera shoots will be possible for static subjects such as interviews. Editing will be performed with the latest desktop non-linear software, including compositing and motion graphics according to budget and requirement. Output can be in any format, from DVD or Blu-ray to Web streaming.

>>The full works

We can also provide a more traditional crewed shoot, with multiple camera operators, soundmen, and extras such as steadycams and specialised photographic equipment. Whatever the creative idea, we will provide the appropriate level of professional assistance, but always with an eye on keeping costs as low as possible. Equipment, editing and distribution provisions mirror those of our basic package.

>>The studio option

As a final level above a fully crewed shoot, we can also offer a professional studio environment. With the previous two options, existing office and outdoor locations, or virtual greenscreen environments will be used. But thanks to our close association with a London broadcasting education establishment, our studio space is available at a very competitive rate, for those projects which require a completely controlled environment with multi-point studio lighting.

In each case, we will assist with every stage of the production, from initial idea to distribution. In consultation with the client, we will pinpoint the intended message, work this into a shooting script, and then create a close shot-by-shot storyboard. Careful attention to planning keeps the most expensive factor in video production – camerawork – efficient, saving the client time and money.

All our productions are shot in professional HD formats and produced using the latest non-linear editing and compositing software. Optical disc production, Web streaming, and any other distribution necessity will be catered for. Prices for each of our packages are available on request, and will be tailored to the precise production requirements. Just contact us for more details.

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TrustedReviews – IPC Media Ltd
TrustedReviews is the UK’s leading consumer technology reviews website, with over 2.4 million visitors every month. t-zero communications Ltd has produced over 500 three-minute video reviews for TrustedReviews, which garner over 300,000 views a month

Dennis Publishing
www.custompc.co.uk; www.itpro.co.uk
Dennis is a leading independent UK magazine and website publisher. t-zero communications Ltd has produced a selection of highly successful short video documentaries for Custom PC magazine’s website and instructional tutorials for the IT Pro business computing website.

HEXUS.net is one of the most successful hardware enthusiast websites in the UK, and its HEXUS.tv section is a pioneering online video channel. t-zero communications has produced numerous trade show reports, interviews, an Intel-funded documentary on competitive gaming, and promotional viral videos for Intel and Corsair.

MESH computers
MESH computers is one of the UK’s most successful independent PC manufacturers. t-zero communications has produced promotional pieces about new ranges of PCs, for use on the company’s website and for display on big-screen TVs in the company’s showroom premises.

YOYOTech is a London PC vendor specialising in high-performance desktop computers and quality components. t-zero communications produced a promotional video marketing the company in the Middle East, which successfully won a major supply contract with Sharaf DG, the largest consumer electronics vendor in the United Arab Emirates.

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“As one of the leading UK development houses for mobile phone applications, it’s vitally important that all our commercial and marketing material continue to meet the high standards set by its owners. A core part of our service is to offer all our clients the ability to showcase their apps in the form of video content. These videos need to be clear, concise and most of all professional. It was therefore important to have an experienced and forward-thinking company to take on these projects.

We were more than pleased to acquire the services of t-zero communications Ltd to develop all our video content. We are very impressed with the level of professionalism throughout the entire process. The experience is always a positive one and we have no issues recommending their services to anyone. All the videos they have produced not only continue to meet the brief set but are also designed in a way that actively promotes the AppCreatives brand. t-zero continue to deliver video products that are high in quality, have a quick turnaround time and carry an affordable price.

AppCreatives not only continues to appreciate the support that t-zero gives us throughout the video production process but also the fact that we are safe in the knowledge that our videos are always created to the highest standard and constantly exceed expectation.”

Rod Joseph

“When the time came to introduce video content to TrustedReviews, I called on James Morris to bring that idea to fruition. Having worked with James for many years, I was completely confident that he could provide the level of quality that I required. James provided all the necessary equipment and handled the shooting, editing and even some of the presenting for TrustedReviews.

In the past 18 months, James has never let me down and he continues to provide first class video content to complement the written reviews. Finding any contractor that you can trust to deliver what they promise, in the agreed timescale is rare, but t-zero communications Ltd is such a company.”

Riyad Emeran, Editor in Chief
www.trustedreviews.com, IPC Media Ltd

“t-zero communications produced several videos for Custom PC – we gave them a brief and their team travelled to events for us, covered the highlights and delivered compact, slickly edited and professional videos which we used on our site and on YouTube. Custom PC’s audience is knowledgeable and demanding, so it’s important for our content to be accurate and to focus on what’s technologically interesting – t-zero communications was adept at identifying the highlights of the events, and together with their use of voice-overs, music, and pacy editing meant the resulting videos were professional, interesting and attracted tens of thousands of views.”

Alex Watson, Group Editor,
Custom PC magazine & www.bit-tech.net, Dennis Publishing

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About us

t-zero communications Ltd

James Morris, Founder & Director

James Morris
Founder & Director

The cost of video production and distribution has fallen dramatically over the last two decades. Digital technology has increased picture quality exponentially whilst continually lowering the prices of all the component parts of the process. James Morris, director and founder of t-zero communications Ltd, has been following this trend since its inception in the early 1990s. His company was set up exclusively to take advantage of the potential now available for businesses and individuals to use rich video media for presenting information to a wider audience in a much more compelling way than is possible with static pictures and text.

The t-zero communications team is highly skilled in producing broadcast-quality video for a fraction of the traditional cost. The company provides a full service, developing projects from the early ideas stage, then taking them through scripting, storyboarding, production, editing, and output in any format required. The primary focus is online video distribution, via proprietary commercial streaming services or public user-generated content websites, depending on intended audience and reach. But every client distribution requirement can be catered for, including creating video destined for broadcast TV.

The t-zero name is inspired by a collection of short stories by Italian author Italo Calvino, which tackle how past and future relate to the present. Video has an important role to play in this relationship, a role t-zero communications ltd was created to explore.

James Morris has been walking the line between video and the computer industry since the mid 1990s. After studying a Master’s at the New School for Social Research in New York, where he edited a documentary with the groundbreaking Video Toaster, James became convinced that digital technology heralded the future of video production, whilst the fledgling Internet presaged the future of video distribution. He worked in low budget music video production in the US, before returning to the UK and taking up employment with Dennis Publishing on PC Pro magazine. During his tenure as editor, PC Pro rose to number one circulation status, where it remained during his editorship.

Since leaving PC Pro, James has pursued his dream of making quality video production affordable for the widest possible range of clients. He worked as Director of Programming at HEXUS.tv, a pioneering Web-based technology TV channel, and has produced over 500 videos for the TrustedReviews website. He has also obtained a doctorate in the philosophy of communications from the European Graduate School, the groundbreaking media university based in Switzerland. Now, with t-zero communications Ltd, James is realising the dream he had two decades earlier.


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